Our translators
To keep overheads low, a small team of permanent staff work at our office, and we rely on an extensive network of freelance translators. These translators have perfect mastery of both their source and their target language. All of them have training in languages or translation. In selecting translators we also emphasise aspects such as specialist knowledge, reliability and a service orientation. Many translators work into their native tongue, but this is not necessarily always the case.

Translated, double-checked and delivered
When we receive a text for translation, depending on aspects such as subject matter and length, we seek out the most suitable translator and make arrangements with him or her as to delivery date and possibly other details. One of our permanent staff always checks the translation when it arrives. There is no extra charge for this: it is one more way of ensuring that the product you receive is as good as possible. The thoroughly checked translation will be supplied to you exactly as promised.

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